Personal Buddy for Employee Wellness - powered by AI

Empowering Employee Development, Productivity and Mental Health

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MonAmI Empowers Distributed and Isolated Workforce to:


Empower employees and help them to identify, assess, track self development and mental wellbeing.


Improve Employee Engagement, Performance,Productivity and act on data driven insights


Proactively cater to Employee needs with help of AI and network of experts - Coaches, Counsellors and Advisors

Empower people, teams to thrive, not just survive

Features and Functions :

24*7 Omnichannel Platform

24*7 Available Personal Friend for Employees. Present across preferred Channels - Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, Google Hangout, Facebook, Slack, Zoom based on Organizations need.

AI based Conversational Platform
Private and Secure Conversation
Easy Implementation within a week
Enterprise Analytics & Recommendations
Employee Sentiment Analysis and Recommends Activities

Frequent mood checks and recommending quick activities to uplift employees morale

Personal & Professional Goal Settings
Gratitude Journaling
Vision Board and Reminders
Survey and Feedbacks
Psychometric Test (Roadmap)
Experienced Coaches (ICF Certified)

Employees can select experienced coaches recommended by AI on Professional Development

Experienced Counsellors (RCI/IACP Certified)
Financial Advisor (Roadmap)
Scheduling Online Private Individual Discussions

Let your employees get right coaching and care at right time

Actionable Insights for Enterprises

Analyse, Act on Employee Well Being Program Impact & make Enterprises Great Place to work
Powerful Report and Dashboard to make your Employee Well being Programs Impactful

Analyse & Act on Employees Well Being Program based on employees' need