Employee Wellbeing Ideas 2021

8 employee wellbeing program ideas in 2021 that your employees will appreciate

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In 2020, Employee wellness program has become most important need  to keep employees engaged, focused, productive and healthy. Employee wellness programs are beyond checklist now. Adoption is the key success of any wellness program and to bring adoption it is important to make wellness programs that matter most for employees and at the same time it should be fun.  If  team is not engaged, wellness program ideas will loose momentum quickly. So we at MonAmI are sharing with top ideas that you can think of implementing in 2021.

Here are few ideas that has been tried by different organizations in 2020 to encourage employees 


1. Work Life Flexibility

Now work life balance has been redefined to work life flexibility. With maximum workforce working from home, work life flexibility has taken center stage. Every employees needs more flexibility with work because it allows him or her to plan and manage their day and household work. Focusing more on outcome, productivity and quality should be key objective rather than calculating number of hours in 9 AM to 5 PM job.


2. Focus on personal development of employees

Empower employees to focus on personal development. Help them in self development and forming good habits  like “Go to the gym 3 times per week”, “run 3 km every day ”, or “read 10 books this year” are some good ones to get people started. This will empower employees to be productive and achieve more even when they are isolated.


3. Empower employees with Financial management.

One of the biggest reason of stress, worry for many individual life can be money. Giving proper tips, advising them and helping them with proper financial tracker, books and videos empowers them to take control of their finances well.


4. Celebrate Wellness Days

Lets say October 10th is World Mental Health Day - Dedicate whole October for Mental Health month and bring Psychologists, Psychiatrist and talk about different scenarios of Mental Health challenges. Similarly, another option can be every first friday of the month lets dedicate to Financial Wellbeing and bring an expert to give tips on "How to manage your finances better".


5. Workplace wellness  campaign 

Awareness campaign on fitness, nutrition, financial wellness, mental wellbeing , self development, productivity tips can be a great way to engage and empower people. Quick tips, motivations, alerts and assessment can help people to re-organize their lives with different mindset.


6. Promote laughter and smile therapy

Laughter is one of the best medicine for isolated workforce. Laughter has both short- and long-term benefits like :Improved immune system, elevated mood, reduced stress. Try out some activities like games, improv shows, standup comedy.


7. Encourage walking meetings

Walking meeting was Steve Jobs favorite way to hold a meeting with an employee, partner, or potential collaborator. Conducting meeting while walking has 2 clear benefits - health benefits and productive meeting.

8.Acknowledgement and gratefulness 

Acknowledgement and gratefulness helps employees to boost their morale and motivates them to reflect and appreciate. Find innovative ideas to acknowledge and appreciate. Acknowledgement can be writing a letter to family members by leadership and appreciate about contribution.

But at the end it is critical to survey employees and check what is working and what is not. Don’t waste time and energy on corporate wellness initiatives that employees don’t find engaging or beneficial. Read more about how critical it is to find out analaytics of employee wellbeing programs

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