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Criticality of workforce analytics in 2022

One of the most critical components of employee wellbeing program is appropriate use of employee wellbeing analytics especially when maximum workforce are either remote or working in hybrid model.

Employee Wellbeing Analytics helps HR Leaders to quantify the value and power that organizations can do for employees

Let’s say a company conducted a survey on employee productivity and wellness to decide employees sentiment outlook. Based on the survey, company selected few employee engagement programs like yoga session, teams quiz etc. HR found participation and engagement are pretty low.

So most critical questions that HR should look into :

  1. How many employees responded to the survey?
    • Some employees are very busy that they don’t take time to fill out these surveys. Also, communication channels and reminders play an important role in response rate of survey.
    • If few employees completed the survey, organization may create a program that is only meaningful and relevant to few of those employees. This might be completely misleading. In such case, analyzing the reason for unresponsiveness can be more informative and valid than analyzing the survey results.
  2. Did employee really read the questions properly and respond to it?
    • We often see surveys are boring and after few questions employees lose interest and start responding randomly which in turn can again mislead the complete analysis.
    • Some employees also avoid sharing true feelings because they don’t trust – anonymity
    • Sometimes the interpretation of question might give complete different picture

So, lot of times internal survey gives leadership team a great impression that their employees are motivated and satisfied. But external websites like Glassdoor etc gives organization different picture altogether.

So, employee wellbeing program analytics, measuring ROI, effectiveness and impact analysis has been super critical specifically when employees are remotely working or working in hybrid model.

While analyzing the impact, ROI and effectiveness of employee wellbeing programs – few areas that HR leaders can not miss while developing employee wellbeing programs in 2021

  • Personalized intervention – Creating mass programs like a yoga session, quiz or fun activities may not interest or engage every employee. If organizations start focusing on personalized employee development, productivity and mental health HR leaders might see different results and outcome and program impact.
  • Think creative about adoption and employee engagement: Lot of companies started adopting mindfulness apps to support employees mental health as part of well-being program. Downloading another app and using it at the time of stress itself is a stressful activity.
  • Find innovative ways to take employee feedback: find innovative ways to empower employees in program decision rather than asking them to attend any program that may or may not useful for all
  • Re-thinking to tackle mental health challenges: Can mental wellness stigma be solved in silos or do HR leaders need to walk 1 extra mile to show that empathy?
  • Right coaching at right time – Every employee is unique and so is their need. So catering to their unique at right time is again another important point to build that trust and relation
  • Analyze participants and non-program participants and find out why it is not important for the non-participants.
  • Compare different data of different departments, roles and analyze patterns, customize/personalize interventions

MonAmI has been solving all these challenges with unique approach. MonAmI provides personalized intervention to all workforce catering to employee development, productivity and mental health.

Here are sample analytics to show – how MonAmI has been focusing on impact, ROI and effectiveness of employee wellbeing program

workforce wellness analytics

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