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Mental Health at workplace

Mental Health at Workplace : Thinking Beyond Toll-Free-Numbers

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Many organizations have already implemented Toll-Free-Numbers or Helpline to support Mental Health at workplace. But the question is : Do you actually remember a toll-free-number when you are stressed or angry?

So, let me tell you a story of one of my friend’s sister. She was working for a cooperate in sales leadership role. One day she was very stressed due to her target pressure. She felt she was anxious & she needs somebody to talk to. But she was not interested to talk to her manager nor colleagues or family members. And you know Mental Health is still a stigma.

While She was taking sip in her coffee, she found a toll-free-number near her coffee vending machine in the office. Then she called in the number and it was not reachable somehow. She looked into their website & dropped a message in their chat window. It was Friday 6:45 pm. She got a response at 6.47 PM within 2 mins that they will be contacting her within 24 business hours. Since it was Friday evening, she understood she can connect only on Monday.

She got a call from a lady on Monday from the toll free number. But she was busy in her meetings. She asked that lady to book an appointment with a mental health counsellor on Wednesday. She got her calendar blocked with a counsellor. Though no counsellor profile has been shared with her. During the schedule time on Wednesday her phone signal was not reachable. So she missed the call. And on Wednesday evening she got a mail that one counselling has been done.

She was shocked and thought to share this with the HR. She felt HR shouldn’t judge her Mental state of mind. So she kept quiet. After 21 days she even got another mail saying that “We couldn’t hear from you for a long time. Hope you are doing well NOW”.

We understood there is very big gap in the Mental Health support provided by the company & what Employees actually need. So there is one important problem to solve.

Are toll-free-numbers really solving the Mental Health at Workplace? If no – why?

  1. Most of the Employees can’t remember any kind of toll -free-number when they are stressed, worried, angry etc. Imagine one of your employee is angry and he is looking for toll-free number to help himself with anger management.
  2. Toll-free-number cannot be present 24*7 with proper support
  3. You don’t know the profile of the counsellor whom you are talking to as employees are not choosing the counsellor looking at his/her profile based on their needs
  4. There is no consolidated report that HR can get on looking at right intervention, insights and recommendations
Rich result on Google's SERP when searching for Mental Health
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4 Important Reasons how AI can redefine the Mental Health at workplace

According to a recent study by The Economic Times : 92% Indian professionals prefer talking to a robot about their mental health at workplace than their managers to discuss about their stress issues. And the reasons could be:

  1. Mental Health is still a stigma. Employees don’t feel confident in talking to their manager about their issue. Moreover If an employee comes to you and says, that he/she is feeling depressed, our natural response most of the time is something like, do not be depressed. You should be happy . And that might not work at all at that state of mind.
  2. Robots are unbiased. They never judge anyone.
  3. They can provide you information & quick answers to you and also available 24*7 for the employees.
  4. Robots can be trained to provide right intervention at the right time.

So we understood the problem & started thinking beyond the toll free number and developed MonAmI– AI based employee wellness & engagement platform.

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How MonAmI solved the mental Health at workplace problem?

1. MonAmI is an AI buddy for every employees 24*7 supporting their Physical, Mental & Financial Wellbeing

2. No App download required & available omnichannel like Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Web, Slack, Hangout etc

3. MonAmI is secure & affordable for every organizations.

4. HR leaders can get a dashboard with actionable insights & recommendations to make organizations better place to work.

see how monami can help your organization to thrive.

1. 24*7 Mental Health Support
2. Certified coaches/counsellors
3. Enterprise Actionable Insights
5. Omnichannel ( No App Download )

MonAmI’s unique approach to solve Mental Health problems differently

  1. Preventive Approach: MonAmI’s AI Engine works both on the preventive & curative part of mental health and pushes employees to connect to counsellors at the time of need.
  2. Going beyond mental health : From big to little challenges, MonAmI offers personalized care on physical, mental and financial wellness covering 360 degree angles of every employee.
  3. Personalized Coaches and Counsellor : Every employee is unique and so is their needs. MonAmI has plethora Counsellors(RCI/IACP Certified), Coaches (ICF Certified), Financial Experts (SEBI Certified) whose service employees can avail directly at the time of need.
  4. Effectiveness of various employee wellness initiatives : MonAmI Supports Enterprises with AI based Dashboard to access the effectiveness of various employee wellness initiatives taken by the enterprises.
  5. MonAmI’s Adoption Strategy : 5.1 Thinking beyond Toll-Free Number – Employees rarely remember toll free numbers when they are stressed. MonAmI is available 24*7 in Teams / WhatsApp/ Web or any other channel wherever your employees are.
Rich result on Google's SERP when searching for Mental Health at workplace

5.2 Push messages to understand employee sentiment – MonAmI does mood checks at regular intervals and asks employees what they are grateful for.

5.3 Awareness : Communication collaterals, emails around Personal, Professional and Financial Wellness, Mental Health Practices etc. Weekly or fortnightly mailer based on discussion.

5.4 Personalized Psychometric Assessment – To understand the mindset of employees and increase self-awareness on employees strength and weakness. MonAmI based on scores suggests activities or advices to connect to experts

5.5 Online Motivational & Awareness Session – We organize online sessions on Physical, Mental and Financial based on employee sentiment insights and analytics

5.6 Personalized Reminders – Employees get personalized reminders on different activities.

Conclusion :

Toll-free-numbers may be helpful in solving Mental Health problem at workplace but AI can be complimentary solution if not replace to support 24*7 with easy access.

We at MonAmI are on a mission to support Mental Health at workplace, along with taking care of Financial & Physical wellbeing of the Employees with the help of AI in omnichannel platform like WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams or any other platform your organization uses.

Additionally, MonAmI can also be easily integrated with your existing Platform/ Contract too & enhance employee adoption with actionable insights, dashboards supporting Mental Health Crisis.

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