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Employee Experience Trends At The Best US Retail Companies In 2022

What’s the other way, than working in a company, to know if its work environment is suited to spend a long and healthy time in it?

Learning it from the experience of employees in the company!

So, let’s check out the employee experience trends the best retail places in the US are following.

Here are the top 10 retail companies ranked in employee satisfaction on Glassdoor:

  1. Costco Wholesale
Employee Experience Trends At The Best US Retail Companies In 2022

Costco’s employee perks and benefits include :

  • Free gym membership 
  • Flexible working hours 
  • Free counseling, support, referrals to legal and guidance for all conditions for employees 
  • And perky avails like a Thanksgiving turkey.

2. HEB

best retail places to work

HEB shows their care for their employees by availing them:

  • Generous parental leave, 
  • Flexible work schedule, 
  • Adoption assistance, etc.

It’s dedicated to maintaining a healthy and inclusive work culture through its plans like:

  • Daily sync,
  • Group brainstorming sessions, 
  • Open office floor plan, 
  • open door policy, 
  • team based strategic planning, 
  • eat lunch together, 
  • Dedicated Diversity/Inclusion Staff,
  • Unconscious bias training and many more.

3. Trader Joe’s

best retail places to work
  • At Trader Joe’s , part time crew members can make up to $24.75 per hour which is nearly twice the highest average minimum wage in the United States. 
  • To keep their employees motivated and engaged Trader Joe’s keeps switching up their job types so they don’t get bored doing the same work and also keep learning different things. 
  • Trader Joe’s makes a contribution equal to 10% of an employee’s salary to their retirement fund. 
  • They let their employees play Music loud to their ears content after closing.

4. Lululemon

best retail places to work

Businesswire listed these really impressive holistic approach employed by Lululemon for employee benefit and wellbeing:

  • Lululemon’s health programs include Comprehensive health benefits program for eligible employees and dependents, including mental health offerings and support such as mental health first aid training, psychology benefits, an employee assistance program, and paid time off to promote wellbeing. 
  • Their global gender-neutral parenthood program includes paid leave of up to six months for global employees at all levels based on tenure for maternity, paternity, and adoption leaves.
  • Their Sweaty Pursuits and Employee Discount programs provide dollars monthly to all employees to take fitness and meditation classes in their local communities while using lululemon goods at an industry-leading employee discount.
  • Eight employee-led resource groups unique to lululemon’s organizational needs  create spaces, avenues, and support for traditionally and historically underrepresented employees.
  • Their Mentorship and Leadership Series programming helps employees build their knowledge and skills to plan and grow their career.
  • They also give One-on-one coaching for employees to keep an active engagement, learning and growth in their employees.
  • They have an exclusive IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Action) Internship program that offers employees a 12-week skills and experience development program across different parts of lululemon’s business.

5. Wegmans food markets

best retail places to work

Wegmans’ employee care principle  – “At Wegmans, we believe that if we take care of you, you’ll take care of our customers.” shows well their understanding of the importance of employee care and why they have appeared on Fortune magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For” every year since the list began in 1998.

Their employee wellness, benefit, development and engagement programs are:

  • Employee assistance programs to help in child care, elder care, legal consultations and financial planning
  • Adoption assistance and dependent care savings accounts to help support families of employees.
  • Screenings and coaching from their pharmacists, and healthy eating tips from Wegmans Registered Dieticians
  • Customized yoga programs, subsidized Weight Watchers at Work meetings, and employee fitness discounts.
  • Development programs to help employees build their career and earning potential
  • A scholarship program of scholarship renewable for up to four years
  • Cross-training, lateral learning opportunities, mentors and leadership development programs

6. Adidas 

best retail places to work

Adidas allows its employees:

  • Bereavement leave with paid time off and vacations, 
  • Family Medical Leave and maternity/paternity leave, 
  • Dental/Health/Life/Vision/Accidental Death & Dismemberment/Disability/Occupational Accident/Supplemental Life Insurance. 
  • Reduced or Flexible hours, Work from Home,
  • Business Travel Insurance,
  • Immigration assistance, 
  • Relocation bonus,
  • Learning and Development stipend

7. REI

best retail places to work

Alongside REI’s essential Health, Life and Disability plans are:

  • The interesting and innovative Yay Day and Challenge Grant programs for employees where REI supports outdoor adventures by offering all employees one day off every six months to go outside and play. And what else! 
  • The Yay Day program also provides REI employees an opportunity to set a personal outdoor challenge and apply for a special grant to achieve their goals.
  • REI invests in their employees Professional Growth & Development and Culture & Work Environment.

8. Love’s Travel Stops And Country Stores

best retail places to work
  • To promote employee engagement Love’s hold Team celebrations and contests, on occasions such as anniversaries, across its stores and corporate office departments wherein awards and merit certificates are distributed to the employees. 
  • Love’s provides learning opportunities to their employees through programs like Road to Success, Love’s University and diesel mechanic apprenticeship.

9. Coach

best retail places to work

Coach backs their employees by caring for all their essential needs and the extras.

  • Health/Dental/Vision/Life/Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance 
  • Temporary and Long Term Disability insurance
  • Paid holidays and sick leaves 
  • Paternity/maternity leave 
  • Bereavement leave 
  • Diversity program.

10. Levi Strauss

Aside from employee discount and other usual benefits Levi’s employee support plans include

  • Flexible benefit options
  • Team challenges 
  • Tools for wellness programs
  • Paid time off per year for caring for a family member, bonding with a new child (birth, adoption, foster care)
  • Subsidized backup child and adult care
  • Retirement savings plans
  • On-demand opportunities to learn, grow and make an impact on the business
  • Paid Volunteer Time
  • Culture Of Recognition

What makes these companies the best retail places to work for is, they are following some great employee experience trends. Their employee wellbeing and welfare structure focuses on employees having a work environment with healthy culture and wealthy learning experience alongside taking care of their monetary benefits.

What are the Employees saying about their experience

Among these companies HEB, lululemon and Love’s have marked the highest in their employees recommending the company to friends at 86%, 86% and 89% respectively.

With “good pay” and “discounts on store merch” the most common benefits listed by employees working in these companies are:

  1. Great/fun Work Environment
  2. Great/friendly/nice  people to work with
  3. Opportunity for development
  4. Positive work culture
  5. Good work-life balance
  6. Flexible work-time
  7. Good management

The New Model Of Work Is Here!

According to Mckinsey,

HR leaders should use robust survey methodology to assess organizational health and then segment responses of employees with specific needs. As hybrid working becomes the new normal, challenges will persist.

  • In interviews conducted with more than 70 CHROs at some of Europe’s largest organizations, the stress was on a more people-centric model to focus on people capital.
  • 98% of the interviewed CHROs has said that engagement with employees should be done by taking a broader view of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and their sense of purpose. 
  • Dissecting and finding employee issues to cater them with personalized and diverse support while also creating a feeling of shared wellbeing and solidarity in the workforce is the new way to keep a workforce connected despite diversity.

How We Help Organizations To Empower Employees In This Model

The same Mckinsey report also suggests that only human communication can help organizations give employees the experience they will appreciate, remember and stay with. We completely agree with this. But before going deep diving into employee concerns we propose AI assistance to make this work more practicable and easy for HRs who are humans too.

  • Before face-to-face communication with every employee, AI can help you know them better so you won’t land headlong onto a surprise.
  • AI can build a bridge between you and your people by making them feel cared for with constant interactions. 
How to be the Best Company to work for
  • You can train and create an atmosphere of trust between you and your people. Meanwhile, AI can give them a private space to express their moods and sentiments without worrying about the following disadvantages.
How to be the Best Company to work
  • We know you will crack the reason for their discontent or content and put it right or make it even better with your designs. AI too is designed to read their pulse and pinpoint their mood and give suggestions accordingly. This it will do everyday against the minutest beat of their pulse.
How to be the Best Company to work for
  • AI will help your employees to sharpen their skills and upskill through expert mentoring in every domain – personal, professional.
How to be the Best Company to work for
  • Last and the best, AI will do all these proactively 24*7 while HRs will make bigger plans of action for the organization’s, themselves and their employees’ future, or take breathers they so deservedly earned and need.
How to be the Best Company to work for

AI is that one person the organizations wish they had to understand their people, convey their care and efforts to them and ease up the gap between them.

If you wish to meet our AI friend Monami, try her problem solving methods for 7 days. Free!


Will work from home continue 2022?

Due to the persistent fear of physical contact and working in a closed space with other people while the virus still present, majority of the employees are preferring working from home. This also gives them the flexibility of managing professional and personal life and spending more time with family, especially in this crisis. Even though some companies are expecting employees to start working from office regularly or at alternating shifts, the complete work-from-office frame will take some time yet to come back.

What are the emerging trends in employee engagement?

  1. People centric work model
  2. Priority to work-life balance
  3. Inclusion, Diversity, Equity (IDE) must at workplace
  4. Constant learning and development in employee career
  5. Inclusion of employees in organization growth
  6. Transparency between employee and organization
  7. Employee alignment with organizational objective
  8. Proactive approach towards employee wellbeing
  9. Carefully assign roles to employees that match them
  10. Keep encouraging and nourishing employee passion

What makes up the employee experience?

Employee experience is the quality of the time employees spend working, learning, observing in an organization.

What do employees want from their employers?

First and foremost, employees want to be treated as humans by the organization and associates working towards a mutually aligned goal with them. They want understanding, fair treatment, transparency, support and appreciation from the organization.

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