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Employee Engagement in Microsoft Teams

Predict Attrition in Microsoft Teams with Employee Engagement & Employee Wellness

Predict Attrition in Microsoft Teams with Employee Engagement & Employee Wellness

Pandemic has resulted in an unexpected experiment with Hybrid work models. In such Hybrid work models, Employee Engagement and Employee Wellness with Employee Attrition Analytics have taken top priority for every business leader and HR leader in every organization. At the same time, organizations already using Microsoft Teams as a platform for collaboration, file-sharing, and communication, it only makes sense that there’s a market expectation for Microsoft Teams for hr to offer an employee engagement and employee wellness platform with an attrition analytics platform that engages with employees, understand issues, concern, challenges at the same time guide employees wellness.

Engage employees in Microsoft Teams & Predict Attrition :

Leaders or HR Leaders today no longer want top talent attrition to be an unexpected and unpleasant surprise in their organizations. But when we try to go deep and understand what is the reason for attrition, we find below as top 10 reasons:

  • Lack of proactive communication from Leadership
  • Negative and unsupportive work environment
  • Lack of communication between management and employees
  • Unsatisfactory career achievement or no career progress plans
  • Learning plateau
  • Lack of inclusive feeling
  • Lack of recognition
  • Inconvenient Work Hours and Work-life balance issues
  • Unsatisfactory Compensation and Benefits.
  • No Wellness and Health Benefits

All these factors lead to more unproductive employees taking leaves often or disengaged even when they are present at work and final outcome becomes – Attrition

In such cases, AI can solve employee engagement in 3 ways and predict attrition so that organization leaders can act on what’s needed to prevent attrition

  1. Understand Employees issues/concern/challenges/feedback using AI in Microsoft Teams
  2. Capture Ideas and share with Leaders and HR Leaders to make more inclusive work culture
  3. Connect to Coaches and Organizational leaders/mentors to speak out issues and take guidance to navigate challenges

Introducing MonAmI – Conversational AI Bot in Microsoft Teams which engages with employees frequently, understands their mood, issues, and challenges, captures feedback, ideas and shares anonymously with Organizational Leaders and HR Leaders.

Let’s look at How MonAmI helps organizations to resolve the issue of unpredictable attrition by becoming the friendly communication channel between them:

  • MonAmI omnichannel AI bot chats with employees regularly and records their mood, issues, challenges to figure out who’s unhappy, unsatisfied, down, and the reason of it.
  • MonAmI also suggests activities and techniques for improving employee engagement, health, mood, motivation, etc.
  • Psychometric tests are to find out the skill gaps in each employees so they can be recommended personalized solutions.
  • MonAmI’s collect the feedback and ideas as suggestions from the employees that help organizations keep improving their workplace environment.
  • MonAmI has a network of experts/coaches/organizational leaders/mentors just one “ready to connect” away to help the employees hone their existing skills and level up, and achieve complete physical, mental and financial wellness.

Empowering Employee Wellness In Microsoft Teams

As Organization Leaders or HR Leaders, Do you feel to connect every employee frequently and get a sense of how are they feeling? Is everything alright for them to be productive and happy at the workplace? But that might not be humanly possible especially when employees are working in a hybrid way.

To solve such employee wellness problem, We built MonAmI – A conversational AI Bot on Microsoft Teams that engages with employees, understand their sentiment and empower them to take action, and help them to feel better in case of negative sentiment.

4 ways how MonAmI empowers Employee Wellness with Microsoft Teams:

1. Connecting employees frequently and check their sentiment :

It can be hard to keep track of each employee’s well-being, and there’s often not an easy way to do it. Going up to every employee and asking them how they’re doing probably might not be humanly possible always.

Here AI Conversational Bot like MonAmI can solve it in her unique conversation. MonAmI is a Conversational AI Personal buddy in Microsoft Teams. She can check your team’s emotions in real-time; ask employees different questions every day and collect anonymous feedback also ensuring it’s not getting annoying. This allows you to give your team the support they need and fix problems before they become bigger issues.

All anyone has to do nowadays is type responses into chat boxes rather than go through complicated questionnaires on paper forms

2. Catering to Employee Mental Health through Interventions/Recommendation based on moods:

 MonAmI constantly monitors employee moods through a series of conversation exchanges; detect mood and offer meaningful interventions or suggest an activity based on how they engaged with MonAmI

For example, by asking employees questions about how are you feeling now, if someone tells MonAmI he is stressed, MonAmI will understand the reason for stress and suggest activity based on the employee’s need at that point.

3. Catering to Employee Financial Wellbeing by giving tips, tools, reminders:

 Beyond the obvious implications for Employee Mental & Physical wellbeing, research indicates that financial wellness may have a direct impact on employee engagement and productivity.

Financially distressed individuals spend almost 1/3rd of their time at work worrying about their finances.

So Monami helps analyze your financial well-being through a series of questions like whether you are keeping an emergency fund for the times. Based on the answers she then helps you build a robust financial plan for a financially fit life.

4. Connect to Counsellors/Coaches/Experts or Organizational Mentors:

MonAmI is more than just a chatbot that responds to your mood or suggests activities when someone feels down; it works on a totally holistic approach towards your wellbeing with a  curative and preventive approach. MonAmI can connect you to counselors, coaches, or financial advisors based on employee’s needs. She can identify the right time and pushes employees to connect to experts – Counsellors/Coaches providing employees right intervention at right time.

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What’s in it HR leaders : Attrition Analytics using AI in Microsoft Teams through Engagement and Wellness

Organizations can’t fix issues if leaders don’t understand the actual reason for attrition. According to the Mckinsey report, Leaders must understand why employees are leaving. Many are struggling to do so. For example, when organizations were asked why their people had quit, they cited compensation, work-life balance, and poor physical and emotional health. These issues did matter to employees—just not as much as organizations thought they did.

In fact, the Mckinsey report shows that the top three factors employees cited as reasons for quitting were that they didn’t feel valued by their organizations (54 percent) or their managers (52 percent) or because they didn’t feel a sense of belonging at work (51 percent).

So it is super important how leaders can understand employee sentiment with real-time AI Dashboard and predict issues and challenges to act upon before attrition comes in.

Integrate MonAmI with Microsoft Teams now!

She reaches out to your every Employee, understands their sentiment, work on their problems
and help to you Predict & Prevent Attrition.