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Retain top talents with enhanced employee engagement & Wellbeing in Slack!

With the arrival of Pandemic, organizations encountered a whiplash of change in work setup: from physical office to Hybrid office and thus retain top talent is crucial. Everything is ported to a virtual office model where office work and team interactions are done in business communication platforms like Slack. With Great Resignation hitting hard all across industries engaging employees, understanding pulse and retain top talents are most critical for every organizations

But despite the ease of data-sharing and communication on a virtual platform, HRs work has become even more challenging now than ever to maintain a healthy work relation among and within teams and keep a healthy work culture.

Retain Top Talents & Engage Employees In Slack

Even with regular group meetings the real reasons for employee discontent may not be visible to the eyes. A deep digging into the real reasons for employee attrition revealed these top 10 causes:

  • Leaders not proactively communicating with employees
  • Toxic and unaccommodating work culture
  • Management not making the right efforts to communicate with employees
  • Lack of career growth
  • Frozen learning opportunities
  • Lack of feeling of belonging
  • Lack of recognition and rewards
  • Difficult Work Timings and No Work-life balance
  • Poor Compensation and Benefits.
  • Absence of Wellness and Health Benefits

These are the root factors causing employee disengagement and presenteeism — a state where an employee is physically present at the work location while their mind is not being in fully functioning capacity. This dilutes their productivity and increase their dissatisfaction which ultimately results in Attrition

In this situation reaching out to each employee everyday to have a personal conversation to understand, empathise, assure, encourage, intervene when needed and motivate is the most effective way to show them you care to earn their trust and retain them. But is it humanly possible for one individual to accomplish this?

Therefore, to make it possible and successful we have Monami for you. Monami Is an AI employee buddy with high emotional intelligence who helps be the bridge between organisation and employees by:

  1. Understanding Employees issues/concern/challenges/feedback using AI (and EI) in Slack
  2. Capturing Ideas and sharing with Organization Leaders and HR Leaders to make more inclusive work culture
  3. Connecting to Coaches and Organisational leaders/mentors to speak out issues and take guidance to navigate challenges

Introducing MonAmI – Conversational AI Bot in Slack who engages with employees daily, understands their mood, issues, and challenges, captures feedback, ideas and shares them with Organisation and HR Leaders while keeping employee anonymity.

Here’s How MonAmI predicts attrition and retain top talents with data driven decisions:

  • MonAmI omnichannel AI bot chats with employees regularly and records their mood, issues, challenges to figure out who’s unhappy, unsatisfied, down, and the reason for it.
  • MonAmI also suggests activities and techniques for improving employee engagement, health, mood, motivation, etc.
  • MonAmI conducts Psychometric tests to find out the skill gaps in each employee so they can be recommended personalised solutions.
  • MonAmI collects the feedback and ideas as suggestions from the employees that help organisations to keep improving their workplace environment.
  • MonAmI has a network of experts/coaches/organisational leaders/mentors at just one “ready to connect” away to help the employees hone their existing skills and level up, and achieve complete physical, mental and financial wellness.

Enabling Employee Wellness In Slack (with MonAmI)

As an organisational or a Human Resource leader you need your human resource to be healthy — mind, body and money — to be optimally productive to fulfil the organisational goals. The only way for this is to treat them humanely, to understand them and give them what they need on top-priority, and all this is possible through regular personal interaction.

Monami will represent the organisation and HRO and reach out to every employee everyday via chat. She’ll sound and understand their problems and suggest activities regularly to keep their mood up and keep them engaged. In cases of regular negative sentiment patterns, she’ll recommend experts/coaches/organisational leaders/mentors from a wide range of industries to help their condition get better.

3 ways MonAmI Empowers Employees by Enabling their Wellness (In Slack):

Keep track of Employee Pulse Through Daily communication: Monami is a conversational AI. So it’s primary feature is to conversate with employees daily to never miss a beat of their mood and condition. Her conversations are like friendly chats so the employees don’t feel formal inquiry on their every day life. She proactively initiates conversations through regularised push messages without being too pushy.

Interventions/Recommendation based on moods: Monami doesn’t just ask about employee issues and be done with it once the answer is got, she suggests activities based on every mood and check in on how they worked, the next visit.

For e.g. she’ll suggest an activity if the employee’s mood is negative to make it better and she’ll suggest another activity if their mood is happy to make the most of the moment.

Connect to Counsellors/Coaches or Organisational Mentors: Monami’s coach hub feature helps employees to solve their issues with direct help from Experts with expertise on their issue specific area.

When from  daily conversation Monami tracks the user’s pulse and spots any consistent pattern of negative moods, she immediately recommends expert connection. This feature of a wide network of experts is accessible through 3 simple keywords by just moving their fingers without even moving from the place. Simple, quick and easy!

What’s in it for HR leaders : Attrition Analytics and Employee Engagement & Wellness using AI in Slack

How can a problem be resolved if the reason for the problem is not correctly figured out and taken care of. This Mckinsey report explains the discordance in employers’ assumption of resignation causes and employees’ reason (which should be the real reasons) for it.

The employees have been assuming the reason behind the attrition problem are compensation, work-life balance, and poor physical and emotional health. And while these are important too for the employees, according to the same Mckinsey report, the top reasons given by the employees are: not feeling valued by their organizations (54 percent) or their managers (52 percent) or because they didn’t feel a sense of belonging at work (51 percent).

Employee Retention Analytics

Hence, our real-time AI Dashboard will keep the employers up-to-date on the employee sentiment and pulse to understand the real reasons of their dissatisfaction and turn the causes of  resignation into reasons of retention.

Commonly asked questions for Employee Engagement In Slack

  1. Take your employees onboard on your goal. Be transparent with them about your organisation’s objective, motivation and goal to make them feel connected with it. This will make them feel they are working alongside you rather than for you.
  2. Why not entertain also with information sharing? Instead of the repetitive text format for communication, jazz it up with images, videos and gifs. Work can also be fun, you know!
  3. Make information accessibility quick by using # hashtags to create topic and information specific channels and pin the frequently accessed ones on top.
  4. Employ surveys to keep yourself updated on employee pulse, sentiments, moods and feedback. And remember to make the surveys fun and playful so they don’t feel like a chore to take.
  5. Keep encouraging your employees with regular rewards and recognitions. Slack has reacjis and integrated apps for this.

According to Slack ranking, these are the top 5 HR & Team Culture apps in Sl R & Team Culture apps in Slack:

  1. Simple Polls
  3. Polly
  4. Eventbot Calendar
  5. Notion
  1. Create channels based on your employees’ interests to have them come together, discuss and stay engaged.
  2. Initiate conversations for your employees as casual office chitchats for creating a easy environment and participate in the conversation.
  3. Celebrate special occasions, like birthdays for letting them feel you are a office family.
  4. Add the many team building apps that are available in slack to help manage your remote team without compromising the healthy work relationship and work culture