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28 Employee Appreciation & Recognition Ideas to beat the great resignation

The great resignation is Real. According to a recent McKinsey report, 40% of employees are most likely to leave their current job over the next 3-6 months,  and the reason behind this is not just low salary satisfaction but feeling undervalued by their managers & organizations.

Another study revealed that 50% of employees would stay if they were tangibly recognized.

When employees feel valued, they are more engaged and inspired to go above and beyond in their efforts for their company, also resulting in a lower turnover rate and higher overall productivity!

Towers Watson revealed in their Global Recognition Study that praise and appreciation are two of the most important components in developing trust.

More than 40% of those who said they didn’t feel valued stated they didn’t completely trust their superiors and thought their managers didn’t trust them.

According to the same survey, managers who make it a routine to recognize their staff saw “increases in engagement by over 60%”

Towers Watson Global Recognition Study - workplace praise

Despite being aware of the impact it may have on employee and business success, some companies still struggle to cope with Employee Appreciation & Recognition. So here are a few ways you can show appreciation to your Employees.

Ways to recognize or appreciate your employees

Creating a recognition program is a fantastic place to start if you don’t already have one. Great firms, on the other hand, go above and beyond, continually rethinking how they reward their people. As a company grows, this becomes increasingly difficult, and leaders must reconsider how they offer value to the employee recognition experience.

Employee Recognition is not always just about money, it’s more about habit and culture.

A lot of time we feel funding an Employee Appreciation program appears to be a terrific concept in principle, but it’s practically unattainable for smaller firms or those on a limited budget.

Here is the blunder

Employees do not have to be rewarded monetary sums to be appreciated!

According to research, when employees are already appropriately rewarded, cash or near-cash benefits do not result in the best levels of engagement.

Companies with limited resources might implement a recognition program in which acknowledgments are rewarded not in dollars but through peer-to-peer acclaim, work autonomy, or genuine personalized thank you notes.

Adhering to a realistic budget for your firm only demands to understand of your alternatives and the establishment of a successful program with an informed plan, you can reach all of your company’s objectives on any budget size.

Employers have a widespread worry that if they do not provide monetary awards or bonuses, their employees would feel devalued and more inclined to seek alternative employment.

So we have clubbed 2 Ways of Employee Recognition or Appreciation :

  • Tangible ( For those with tighter budget)
  • Intangible ( with some budget it can be more attractive )

They go hand-in-hand, but it’s good to know which one you should apply when before starting your quest of showing your employees that you appreciate them.

4 Levels Employee Appreciation

Intangible mode of Employee Appreciation:

Intangible appreciation is normally shown by rewarding your employees with intangible things that do not have a monetary value and are frequently given in reaction to a specific achievement or any other purpose.  This can be through:

4 Modes Of Appreciation
4 Level Of Appreciation

13 Intangible ways to show your Appreciation towards your Employees

Individual Level

  • Send Hand-written Thank you notes : While technology has transformed our lives and work, the thrill of getting handwritten still remains strong and touching. Choose a card and handwrite something important inside praising their outstanding effort or the outcome.
  • Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day : Mark your calendar every month! On this day, you can practice employees are recognized.
  • Handwritten Happy Birthday and milestone cards: Personal touches matter in this ultra-digital environment. Thank coworkers for birthdays, newborns, and job accomplishments. “Happy birthday” isn’t enough, so add at least one personal memory or detail.
  • Recognition and Mentorship opportunity From Management:  An employee’s accomplishments are more meaningful when they are recognized by someone at the management level, rather than just their coworkers and immediate supervisors. A simple email, a meal, or a cup of coffee may suffice and some coaching/mentorship from management will suffice.

Group Level

  • Praise for a job well done is a great way to recognize and motivate employees.
  • Recognition at a Company Meeting:

There are times when a company meeting is a good place to show your appreciation for your employees. Your next all-hands meeting is a great opportunity to publicly congratulate your team members on their successes.

Social Level

  • Give Kudos in LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Kudos gives you a fun and easy method to show your appreciation for employees in a professional network. It’s now simpler than ever to celebrate every achievement, large or little, straight on LinkedIn

  • Create a Personalized Thank You Video

If employees have helped you reach a key milestone, why not thank them with a video? In this piece, we’ll go through various ideas for offering thanks using internet video.

  • Give Kudos in LinkedIn: LinkedIn Kudos gives you a fun and easy method to show your appreciation for employees in a professional network. It’s now simpler than ever to celebrate every achievement, large or little, straight on LinkedIn
  • Create a Personalized Thank You Video

If employees have helped you reach a key milestone, why not thank them with a video? In this piece, we’ll go through various ideas for offering thanks using internet video. Endorse Skills and Recommendations in LinkedIn.

  • Endorse Skills and Recommendations in LinkedIn

Family Level

  • Offer an unexpected day off to spend time with family and friends : We all like free time, whether we utilize it to sleep in, binge-watch the latest Netflix series, or go for an outing with family and friends. Complementing a job well done with a surprise day off may be highly significant to your team members.
  • Send a handwritten note to your employee’s family : A simple yet extremely effective concept. Spouse, family, and friends provide us with a lot of energy. Our personal lives have an influence on how we interact with coworkers, impacting our performance and job progress. Thank the family for their constant support and understanding, as well as for enabling him/her to come to work every day with new energy and amazing ideas.
Happy Employee Appreciation Day

Tangible mode of Employee Appreciation :

Tangible appreciation is normally shown by rewarding your employees with tangible things such as Money. This can be through bonuses, incentives, and any other kind of rewards that your company may offer to motivate your team. 

It’s good to know how much you should reward them and when exactly you should do it. If you give them a bonus after they’ve done something extraordinary, like finishing a project ahead of schedule, they will feel more valued and appreciated than if the bonus were given for doing what’s expected of them on time. 

15 Tangible ways to show your Appreciation towards your Employees

  • Bring on the food trucks

If there are food trucks in your region, why not contact them and have them park near you? It’s a nice bonus that breaks up the normal brown paper bag lunch.

  • Treat colleagues by providing a meal

Take coworkers out to lunch for a birthday, a special event, or without any purpose. Allow your colleagues to choose the restaurant. Alternatively, you may order pizza for lunch from a caterer or a business that delivers. Plan a treat for a team that has exceeded its current targets and delivered ahead of schedule.

  • Present a personalized gift

Know your coworker’s interests well enough to sometimes provide a little gift. You can send a card for no reason at all, or to commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday. A thoughtful surprise, as well as the act of offering it, will brighten your coworker’s day. You can also express compassion when a coworker is ill or has a family member die.

  • Take staff out to lunch

Taking your employees out to lunch is a great way to show them that they have your attention. Sometimes discussing work ideas is easier when you’re not in the boss’s office, but instead across a table over a burger and fries.

  • Reward your staff based on individual interests

How do you appreciate someone that is unique to each individual?  The greatest approach to express your Appreciation & how much you love an individual is to find out what they actually enjoy, what they’d be interested in, their hobbies, or what they desire the most. In most cases, you can find it out through communication or their Social Media Activities.

  • Employee Of The Month

Companies also give Employee Appreciation through the Employee of the Month award. An employee of the Month award is given to an employee who has shown excellence in his job.

Employee Of The Month
  • Pay raise

Most companies prefer to stay competitive in the industry by giving employees a pay raise. You can opt for a Pay raise when an employee has met the desired goals. It also serves as an incentive for employees who are working hard to achieve what they want so they can earn more money.

  • Cash bonus

Most companies nowadays offer a cash bonus for better-than-expected performance. It may be awarded to an individual, division, or the entire organization. Bonuses may be made in a number of different ways from company stock and ownership, through their paychecks, or in cash.

  • Gift card (Amazon, local spa, restaurant, etc.)

Gift cards are a common and effective way to thank your employees for their contributions. These include Prepaid Cards, Amazon Gift Card, Movie Gift Card, or Etsy Gift Card. They are a great way to encourage the recipient to spend money on something special for themselves.

Other Tangible rewards for Employee Appreciation Include: 

  • Gratuitous merchandise (apparel,bottles a watch, Apple Air Pods, concert tickets, etc.)
Merchandise For Employee Appreciation
  • Membership in a gym
  • Gift Hampers
  • Happy Hour!
  • Financial Incentives
  • Recognition & Rewards

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I know you’ve all seen the commercials for Employee of the Month, where employees are recognized and rewarded by their employers. Also, we have seen companies celebrating Employee Appreciation day every year.

But it’s not enough to just do something like Employee of the Month or celebrate Employee Appreciation day. Time has changed now. Our previous generation used to work to survive & satisfy their basic needs. But things slowly changed now. 


What are some of the best ways to give employees recognition?

  1. Give Shout-Outs.
  2. Provide enjoyable tasks or possibilities for professional/personal growth.
  3. Bring them to lunch.
  4. Distribute non-monetary incentives
  5. Organize a tournament or a celebration.
  6. Encourage peer-to-peer acknowledgment.
  7. Simply express gratitude by saying Thank You!

When is the Employee Appreciation Day 2022?

Employee Appreciation Day is on Friday, March 04

How to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 2022?

  1. Provide rewards in the form of gift cards and experiences
  2. Contribute to the charity of your workers’ choice.
  3. Present humorous prizes
  4. Appease your team’s palate
  5. Allow workers to engage in activities on-site or remotely
  6. Allow employees to follow their hobbies

What are some good appreciation messages to employees?

  1. I’m continually astonished at your ability to sustain your performance despite taking on more tasks. You are a legend!
  2. The finest present a leader can get is a dependable staff. We appreciate you being someone I can depend on.
  3. Your outstanding performance inspires us all. Maintain your excellent job!
  4. We congratulate you on your outstanding victory! Only you could have gotten away with it!
  5. Continue in this manner, and nothing will be able to stop you!
  6. Your imaginative and creative ideas have established you as a leader in your field. Nobody else comes close.
  7. Your diligence and commitment set an example for the rest of our staff! We appreciate you being your best every day!
  8. Having a team member that handles themselves is a huge relief for any boss. Your efforts are enormously appreciated.

Why is Employee Recognition important?

Employee recognition shows them that their employer appreciates them and their efforts to the team’s and company’s success. This is especially critical when companies develop or change. It enables workers to develop a feeling of security in their contribution to the organization, therefore pushing them to continue doing an excellent job. 

And the most important reason why it has become nowadays is because employees who are leaving their organizations stated that they are not getting valued by their managers & organizations.

Should I buy gifts for my employees?

Generally, if you can afford it, you should consider presenting gifts to your employees. Nearly everyone enjoys receiving gifts from others. However, it is preferable to do so, rather than required to do so. If you are unable to present gifts, there are alternative methods to express your gratitude for your workforce that are discussed in the article.

What are the best ways to Incentivize call center employees?

  1. First dibs on the greatest timeslots.
  2. Tools and techniques that have been gamified.
  3. Ongoing training opportunities.
  4. Spot rewards are awarded for excellent performance.
  5. Alternatives for preferred sitting places.
  6. Cubicle conveniences.
  7. Brain food and nutritious snacks.
  8. Treats to eat out.

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