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Inspiration At Workplace

14 HR-Approved Strategies To Boost Inspiration At Workplace

Have you heard the proverb – “Choose a job you love and you don’t have to work for a day.”?

Well, it comes with two catches. Firstly we can’t always have the luxury to make our best beloved hobbies into jobs. Secondly, even when we are among the fortunate to do so, a job is still a job even when it was once a hobby. We’ll still feel the stress of deadlines, overworking, trying to perform our best, scaling our career, even the weariness of mundanity without then having the laxity to take a break from it like we’d have if it was a hobby.

Therefore, even with the people who have chosen their beloved jobs, they need occasional doses of inspiration to go on.

Last year, 47.8 million workers quit their jobs, an average of nearly 4 million each month, meaning 2021 holds the highest average on record, topping the 2019 average of 3.5 million.


The reasons for this extensive quitting range from insufficient  monetary compensation and benefits to dour working conditions to disengagement at the workplace. Even when employees are paid adequately the engagement and productivity needs upkeeping through regular supply of inspiration.

Leadership Lessons To Sidestep The Great Resignation

Benefits Of Having Inspired Workers In The Organization

  • Taking care of employees by inspiring them will keep them engaged and happy, lowering the chances of fatigue from routine work. 
  • Engaged and inspired employees is the surefire way of productivity increment.
  • Better team bonding with inspired, motivated and happy employees.
  • Happy employees will also Improve the overall retention rate of the organization.

14 Ways To Build Up Inspiration At Workplace And Increase Employee Happiness

1.Know your people: 

“The only way I can get you to do anything is by giving you what you want.”

Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

The best way to find out what your people want is by knowing them. Not like snooping about for their secrets but by a proactive approach to knowing your employees in purpose of genuinely helping them. Try to learn about your people by way of surveys and regular conversations.

2. Give honest feedback:

Harsh criticism may lower enthusiasm but honest feedback and suggestions can help to motivate one to better their performance and skills. Honest feedback is one of the most effective ways to improve one’s skills and performance.

3. Build a candid atmosphere:

Regular team-meets on the available virtual meeting tools galore will although not completely replace water-cooler talk but will simulate an alike experience. You could also use breakout rooms to make dedicated interactions that can be more comfortably discussed in smaller groups or teams.

4. One-to-one Interaction :

Some situations require one-to-one delivery of a message or discussion where employees will feel more relaxed even when the conversation is relatively critical. This way they will appreciate your regard for them.

5. Increase employee happiness – Recognize and Appreciate:

Humankind thrives on recognition and appreciation. People work hard for money and status, which is the biggest form of recognition. Even before that, remember in school the stars and the grades, all forms of systematic recognition and appreciation. Even without the monetary incentive people have been driven by morale incentive way before we start working for money. Hence, appreciating your employees for their efforts and contributions will inspire them to do more for the organization.

6. Develop skills — Personal and Professional:

Help them recognize their skill-gap and support them in strengthening their existing skills and learn new skills. What You get from it? Other than a happy suite of upskilled employees, since you are honing your current talent there’ll be no need to newly acclimatize them to your company and work system. It’ll be a top-up upgraded scoop of skill on your current sea of talent.

Upskilling for the Future, the ROI of investing 1 Euro in upskilling, saves or generates 2 Euros. Each time a business replaces a salaried employee, the cost of replacing him/her can be equal to 9 months’ salary.

  — People Matters

7. Recreational Team Bonding:

All work and no play makes everyone a disengaged and dull person. So make sure to prioritize play with work. Organize virtual team bonding events with your employees or take them for an outing in the open. Make sure to participate and build a healthy team relationship.

8. Celebrate Special Days and Milestones:

Personally we set reminders for  birthdays and anniversaries of memorable days of people we care about. Getting a wish from someone – realization that they cared to remember our special day — makes the day more special. Similarly, employees will feel special and cared for with celebration of their special days like,  yearly anniversaries of special days, promotion, role change, special achievements, etc.

9. Support wellbeing, Promote healthy lifestyle:

If they don’t get time to go to the fountain of wellness, bring the fountain to them! Healthy and mentaly lucid employees yield more profit than exhausted, unwell and overcast-minds. Plan wellbeing initiatives, individual/group, suiting your employee. Keep in loop with their wellness condition and nudge them for participating in the wellness activities.

10. Create culture:

Work culture of an organization is a significant factor in the engagement and retention of its employees. Toxic work culture can instigate even financially well-compensated employees to leave the organization. Especially after the pandemic experience. The straitjacketing from the existing crisis and toxicity at work can become too much to endure for the employees.

11. Establish a Diverse and Inclusive workforce:

When in the 21st century do as the gen Y-Z’s do! Diversity and inclusivity in the workforce will resonate with more people and inspire employees from wider scopes to join your organizations.

12. Foster organic environment:

Build an environment where teams and colleagues can work with each other in harmony without animosity and toxic rivalry. Foster a healthy interdependent and peer-reliable workforce.

13. Stay approachable:

When in confusion employees should have a leader who is easy to approach. Employees should be able to ask questions without fear of reproach or hostility. Proactive initiatives of learning obstacles of employees is another way where they can be encouraged to come forward with problems and can be offered solutions.

14. Give equitable opportunities:

When someone asks an employee of your organization if they are given equitable opportunities to contribute their ideas, perform their jobs, learn new skills and excel, the answer shouldn’t be “never” or “not sure”.  Ensure  equitable opportunities be given to every employee and make sure that it’s clearly communicated to them so they can take advantage of the opportunities and be inspired by the organization’s approach.

Though these may sound like a lot of work, consider it an investment that’ll save more work, time and money of rehiring, training and acclimatizing new employees in consequence of attrition of existing employees. And there are tools available for everything now, from recruitment to adaptation, etc.

But there’s a hitch in using multiple HR tools. Actually more than one:

  • The time lost in navigation
  • Merging data from multiple sources
  • Difficulty in locating data
  • Difficulty to make relevant and useful connections between the data & analyzing them in alternate system

An all-in-one tool can be the deliverance from these dilemma by:

  • Saving your time on answering queries
  • Automating your Employee Engagement
  • Capturing feedback & surveys as per milestones
  • Catering to holistic Employee Well-being
  • Predicting Attrition for you
  • Helping with all critical data to drive the culture
  • Engaging talent at one place

The Ultimate Plug-in For Your HR Solutions

MonAmi is an all-in-one AI-based omni-channel employee wellbeing and engagement tool that looks after employees’ experience from their hire-to-retire cycle in an organization. Employers can track their employees’ day-to-day pulse and mood and attrition prediction from its comprehensive dashboard.

MonAmi works on 5 pillars of employee engagement:

Survey: MonAmi’s regularize surveys are personalized and customized as per employee pulse detection, tenure in organization, and organization’s cue. They are nothing like traditional long-winding mechanical surveys that drive off rather than draw in results.

Analytics: MonAmi communicates and engages with the employees through daily conversation to probe their pulse and mood. The insights collected through personalized surveys, regular personal conversations and reading behavioral patterns are then translated into analytics for prediction of attrition and suggestions for retention and engagement. This report is easily accessible and comprehensible to the organization on a dashboard.


Development: MonAmi works on employee professional and personal growth by making them aware through push messages and making resources available via information, activities, tools and experts.

Wellbeing: MonAmi’s personal wellbeing focuses on proactive tracking of :

a) Employees’ pulse and emotions for mental wellbeing condition.

b) Daily physical activity and habit for physical wellbeing condition.

c) Financial wellness awareness in employees for financial wellbeing condition.

MonAmi works for a 360° wellness state for the employees to be able to perform to their full potential.

Automation: MonAmi automates A-Z of employee engagement and wellness functionalities. No reminder needed for sending appreciation  or anniversary messages or surveys. Just plug MonAmi  to the organization’s HRMS and the rest will be done as scheduled.

Automated New-hire Surveys

MonAmi is built as an assistant to the ever so hardworking HRs who are trying to do fifty persons’ jobs single-handedly. The organizations will need to priotize their human capital and support the manager of that capital with more resources to quell attrition.

Frequently Asked Questions on Strategies To Boost Inspiration At Workplace

What are 5 techniques for increasing employee motivation?

  1. Inspire Employees to realize their dream and reach full potential
  2. Encourage and support them in achieving their goal
  3. Recognize and appreciate their contribution and effort
  4. Create a healthy and supportive atmosphere in the workplace
  5. Set inspiring and galvanizing example in leaders of the organization

How do you motivate a team in the workplace?

  1. Maintain a synergetic work environment within a team.
  2. Build a reliable and trustful relationship among colleagues in a team.
  3. Organize team bonding activities out of work.
  4. Group team workers based on their personality and propensity to get desired result from and relationship in the team.
  5. Give equitable opportunities to each team member to avoid discontent within team.
  6. Provide a scope of open interaction to find out their issues with team members and help resolve it.
  7. See that there be no disconnect among the team members.

What are the tools managers and organizations use to motivate their employees?

  1. Organize regular team meetings to keep track on knowledge gap
  2. Arrange for Mentorship programs to help employees fill in the knowledge gaps
  3. Celebrate their special days and milestones, professional as well as personal
  4. Prepare a reward and recognition program to incentivize their morale

What are the types of motivation?

  1. Competence: Competence motivation can be derived by stimulating the urge to increase ones knowledge and skills to gain more expertise on subject matters and excel among others.
  2. Attitude: Attitude motivation can be attained in someone by positively influencing their way of perceiving things in life.
  3. Security: This type of Motivation can be achieved thorough fulfilling one’s desire of long-term staying in a place that gives a guarantee of protection to ones overall livelihood.
  4. Incentive: Incentive motivation is gained from giving rewards or recognition for the work or effort rendered.