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MonAmI is on a mission to Empower & Inspire every Employees to achieve more & help organization retain top talent.

Redefining Employee Experience with the power of conversational AI

“In today's disconnected and hybrid world, connecting every employee and retaining top talent, has proven to be a difficult task. Attrition and disengagement can cause business loss upto 80M for 15K employees organization.

In such cases, MonAmI assists HR leaders by measuring employee experience with the critical analytics that they need to identify culture gaps, disengagement, employees problems and attrition.

MonAmI also empowers people to attain their full emotional, professional, and financial potential..” MonAmI-AI buddy is here to assist leaders in thinking ‘Beyond Work’ and creating a positive working environment for their employees.

Meet our
Stellar team



Chief Listening Officer
Priyanka Goswami

Priyanka Goswami

Co-Founder MonAmI

Milita Datta

Co-Founder MonAmI |

Meet our Mentors
& Experts

Animesh Samuel

Co-Founder & CEO

Sanjeev Menon


Roli Kesarwani

Leadership Coach
(ICF Certified)

Vipin Khandelwal

Financial Advisor
(SEBI Certified)

Dr. Nidhi Garodia

Corporate Physiotherapist

Ashok Narain

Leadership & Career Transition Coach

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