Employee Well Being has gone for a toss after pandemic hits every industry. HR Leaders are continuously bringing innovative solutions around employee Wellbeing through technology, counsellors, yoga sessions, teams fun online activities and weekly check-ins. Still, after 9 months of work from home, various data show that employees are still concerned about their future of work. 

LinkedIn surveyed 3,377 professionals and found that

  • 40% of the respondents are facing increased stress and anxiety.
  • 2/5 Employees are dealing with elongated working hours
  • 1/4 respondents said they’re struggling to focus on work.
  • 1/3 women respondents are putting in extra hours to afford childcare. 
  • With many offices opening, 50% of the professionals are worried about exposing themselves to the virus. 
  • Over 3/5 professionals in India who reported financial instability due to the ongoing crisis faced an income reduction

In this Panel Discussion, we are going to discuss how can we address these pains :

  1. Despite many employee well being initiatives since last 9 months why employees are still stressed and anxious?
  2. How to measure ROI of such initiatives and analyse impact and adoption that matters most to the employee.
  3. Do organizations need to take extra care and initiatives for women @ work
  4. Is Financial Well being most overlooked and underrated cause of stress?