Essential Tips for Mental Wellbeing

Mental Wellness

Empowers Employees to stay Productive & Mentally Fit.

Financial wellbeing - Tips & tools to improve your finance management

Financial Wellness

Empowers Employees to achieve financial goals with tips, recommendation & financial advisors

How to improve physical wellness

Physical Wellness

Helps to Track Physical Wellness of Employees.

employee engagement survey on WhatsApp

Employee Development

Captures ideas & feedback from Employees

Create a sense of belonging and Purpose

Consistent and transparent communication that helps to build trust is designed for  connecting disconnected workforce 

Create an environment for proactive feedback.

Assess employee engagement and solicit proactive feedback with conversational AI Surveys Improve employee experience by addressing root causes of disengagement. Determine where you should spend your efforts to promote employee engagement.

Right Care at the
Right time

Empower Employees emotionally, physically, financially, and professionally to reach their full potential so that they feel engaged and energized.

Actionable insights in real-time.

Real-time actionable insights for leaders and managers. Determine the specific areas where you should focus your efforts to improve employee engagement.

Automate 52 Employee Engagement Activities for 52 Weeks

You have a diverse team, so you should cater to diverse employee engagement programs – not one size does not fit all. In 52 weeks, automate 52 employee engagement programs with AI  to cater to a diverse group of teams


Engagement surveys at each milestone (30/60/90)

Using conversational employee surveys at every milestone – Hire to Retire like 30-60-90 days, you can unearth real-time actionable insights. Determine the specific areas where you should concentrate your efforts in order to increase employee engagement.

Work Health Index Surveys


Collect feedback from employees on initiatives on a regular basis. Feel the pulse of your workforce and base future Work Culture decisions on real-time data.

FAQ automation

Using conversational AI, you can automatically respond to frequently asked employee questions. Allow your HR team and senior management to focus on tasks that require a human brain.

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